Writing in Complete Sentences

For a few years now, I’ve had a mildly successful website, SupremeCourtHaiku.com and associated blog.  By mildly successful, I mean I’ve received some positive legal press and I have several thousands different users viewing my site each month.  However, the problem with a website based entirely on haiku is that it takes approximately 4.7 seconds for the average reader to read a haiku.  With 80-90 Supreme Court cases a year, even with my writing extra haiku about oral arguments, important certiorari grants, and the occasional high-profile Supreme Court Justice public appearance, that gave me about ten good minutes of material a year.  Even loyal readers could check back every few weeks and be caught up within a matter of minutes.

Twitter has been a good creative outlet for the past few years, and has allowed me to expand my reach.  In addition to letting me distribute haiku faster, Twitter lets me delve into important topics like Elena Kagan’s imaginary feud with Britney Spears, Anthony Kennedy’s role as the world’s Magic Eight Ball, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s secret life as a ninja.  But 140 characters are obviously limiting as well, so I’ve started this blog to allow me to do something more.  Ideally I’ll blog weekly, but it may be no more than monthly, depending on what catches my fancy.

The Supreme Court is a starting point, but, as with Twitter, I’ll go off on tangents related to the law, politics, sports, and popular culture.  Sometimes I’ll  aspire to be like the Onion.  Sometimes I’ll be like Grantland with a law focus.  Sometimes I’ll be the Court’s version of TMZ, except without the original video and the guy standing around drinking a Big Gulp.  I’ll share some common ground with Lowering the Bar and Above the Law.   I don’t really know exactly what this blog will be about, but overall it should be different than any other blog focused on the Supreme Court and the law.  It won’t be perfect, but now that I’ll no longer be limited to 17 syllables or 140 characters, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

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