Nine Ways in Which the Supreme Court is like Sharknado

I finally got around to watching SyFy’s Sharknado, a cautionary tale of the perils of sharks in tornados, which is now headed for movie theatres.  When I wasn’t being overwhelmed by the special effects, dialog, and overall production values, I couldn’t help but notice the number of similarities between Sharknado and the United States Supreme Court (because that’s how I roll).  While I could list dozens or parallels, here are the top 9:

Supreme_Court_US_2010.jpg9.  The first showing of Sharknado drew 1.4 million viewers, which was very similar to the number of viewers of scotusblog’s live blog on the last day of the Supreme Court term.

8. Neither anyone in Sharknado nor anyone on the Supreme Court is likely to win an Emmy this year.

7.  The path of a sharknado is hard to predict and difficult to follow, much like Justice Kennedy is hard to predict and it is sometimes difficult to follow his written opinions.

6.  Ian Ziering, star of Sharknado, formerly worked on Beverly Hills, 90210 with Luke Perry.  The Supreme Court recently decided the California Proposition 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry (no relation).

sharknado5. The sharknados in Sharknado thrust California into chaos.  Some have argued that the Supreme Court’s Proposition 8 decision has thrown California marriage law into chaos.

4.  Sharknado took Twitter by storm, just like the Supreme Court’s same sex marriage decisions generated huge amounts of Twitter traffic.

3.  (Spoiler alert) The characters in Sharknado reduced the power of the sharknados by packing them with bombs.  FDR tried to reduce the power of the Supreme Court by packing it with additional justices.

2.  The sharks in Sharknado attacked in waves.  The Supreme Court released opinions in waves this past term, issuing twelve in the last week and a total of thirty in the last month.

1.  The Supreme Court’s approval ratings are at an all-time low.   Sharknado‘s reviews were even worse.

Sharknado and the Supreme Court are quite different in at least one important way:  Sharkando was on TV and the Supreme Court isn’t — and that’s a shame.


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