Nine Bold Predictions for the Upcoming Supreme Court Term

1.  Justice Kennedy will write the majority opinion for several 5-4 decisions.  Duh.

2. Justice Breyer will be fairly liberal on social issues, fairly conservative on business cases, and completely anonymous to 98% of the country.

3. Justice Ginsburg will insist during a question and answer session at a law school that she and Justice Scalia are really good friends.

4.  Justice Scalia will write a scathing dissent to one of Justice Ginsburg’s opinions that will make you wonder whether they are really good friends.

5.  Justice Alito will want to put some punk in jail that the other eight Justices want to set free.Supreme_Court_US_2010

6.  Justice Thomas will ask dozens of questions . . . about Nebraska football during a call in show on a local sports talk radio show.  He won’t ask any questions during oral arguments.

7.  Justice Sotomayor will say something that will remind you that she grew up in the Bronx and that she could probably mess you up. Do not give her a reason.

8.  Justice Kagan will do her former law school dean colleagues a solid and hire all the unemployed recent law school graduates as law clerks.

9. Numerous commentators will lament that Chief Justice Roberts is leading the Court’s erosion of Civil Rights but acknowledge that he is being really polite about it.

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