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Nine Reasons that the Supreme Court Won’t Televise Its Proceedings

The United States Supreme Court has again rejected a request to allow video footage of proceedings in the Court.  Interviews with sources inside the Court reveal why the Court is so fearful of cameras in the courtroom: 9.  Like many … Continue reading

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Nine Bold Predictions for the Upcoming Supreme Court Term

1.  Justice Kennedy will write the majority opinion for several 5-4 decisions.  Duh. 2. Justice Breyer will be fairly liberal on social issues, fairly conservative on business cases, and completely anonymous to 98% of the country. 3. Justice Ginsburg will insist … Continue reading

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Nine Ways in Which the Supreme Court is like Sharknado

I finally got around to watching SyFy’s Sharknado, a cautionary tale of the perils of sharks in tornados, which is now headed for movie theatres.  When I wasn’t being overwhelmed by the special effects, dialog, and overall production values, I … Continue reading

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