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A Brief History of Argle-Bargle

In United States v. Windsor,  Justice Antonin Scalia filed a passionate dissent to the Court’s holding that Section 3 of  the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.  Justice Scalia criticized the “scatter-shot rationales” of Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion, and the “disappearing trail of its … Continue reading

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Colonel Mustard, Tommy Tutone & Some Old Pilgrim: The Supreme Court Term in Review

There have already been numerous articles looking back on the notable decisions of the 2012-13 Term of the Supreme Court and the expected impact of those case.  This isn’t one of those types of articles.  This article is about nine (Sou)terrific things associated … Continue reading

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Writing in Complete Sentences

For a few years now, I’ve had a mildly successful website, and associated blog.  By mildly successful, I mean I’ve received some positive legal press and I have several thousands different users viewing my site each month.  However, the problem with … Continue reading

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